Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our USSA FAQ section is intended to help answer many typical every-day questions a viewer may have when contemplating involvement with USSA and its operations. Although the question and answer list is not complete, our FAQ’s will help clarify many of the common concerns expressed by our recipients, sponsors and donors. We will attempt to clarify any terms to keep the section as informative as possible.

Recipient FAQ

NO! The generosity of our Members, Sponsors, and Donors pays the costs of the adventure.

Generally YES. Having a trusted person along on an adventure helps make a better hunt for all involved. On the other hand, having extra people along can add significant extra costs to the event, so there may be some reasonable restraints upon the number of additional people attending the adventure.

Most of the time, USSA is able to help 1. Finance or 2. Subsidize your travel expenses to and from the field; thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and members. If you and your attendant are driving to the event, you can directions to the site using our USSA “Map-Quest Feature” on the home page of our USSA website. Note: If you are able to help with your own travel expenses to and from the field, it helps free-up financial resources, which intern allow additional wishes to be granted!

Many outfitters and preserve owners have their own lodges or cabins, where you are welcome to stay. Other USSA events will have area motels for your evenings rest. Still other events will have a camping option, which you may choose! NOTE: Please let us know if there is any wheelchair or other accessibility issues for your accommodations.

Food is usually provided by the event sponsor. Many operations have their own kitchen. Other events have community volunteers providing food for the recipient and their attendant/s, or food may be catered in as well. Note: Please alert USSA to any known food allergies or diet restrictions; so that appropriate food arrangements can be made.

Usually NONE! The trip donor usually has a high quality, functional firearm, bow or fishing rod for you to use. You are always welcome to use your own favorite rod, firearm or bow if you so desire.

We recommend you use our “Accru-Weather” feature on our USSA home page. By simply entering the event site ZIPCODE [which we can provide you] you will get a good idea of what sort of weather to expect and pack for! Every person has a different temperature comfort range, and recommend you pack accordingly. We also believe it is important to be prepared to face temps that may be as much as 10 degrees warmer and colder than predicted. Some events may require some blaze orange or camo clothing, which you’re welcome to bring if you have it. Many of our donors often have on hand as extras.

Generally yes! Most outfitters and preserve owners have facilities to clean your game. Often times, area meat processors will also donate their expert services. In group events, community volunteers help clean your game as well. There are USSA events where “catch and release” Fish Conservation is practiced, so the fish are normally released after they are caught.

USSA is fortunate to have the generous support of taxidermists nationwide. These fine people donate their time and resources to make a permanent, visual reminder of their dream wish adventure; FREE of charge. In addition, replicas of trophies taken during catch and release fishing are also available.

Yes, you can attend a USSA event if you have been granted a wish from another charity. But, unless you have a life threatening illness we can not answer your request until we have an available opening. We answer wishes for children and adults with life threatening illnesses first, than children and adults with disabilities second, and than if we have excess amounts of donations we grant them to the ones who previously gone on a USSA or other charity event.

No! We have granted wishes to children as young as one year old and as old as in their 70’s.

Yes! We follow the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITY ACT 1990 guidelines; United Special Sportsmen Alliance prohibits discrimination against disabled people and guarantees equality of opportunity for people with disability as well as terminally ill for hunting and or fishing adventures.

Yes! We have a special wish granting program just for disabled servicemen and women.

This is a tricky question and depends on several issues; a) Is the Recipient disabled or have a life threatening illness. b) Is it a seasonal wish? For example hunting would depend upon the hunting season for the state the wish is granted in.

We strongly believe in hunter’s safety, and if your child is willing to take a class in your local area we will help you get it set up. If your child has a life threatening illness or disable to the point they can leave home to take hunters safety course we can take them to a shooting preserve. We also work with the Department of Natural Resources and the NWTF in a “learn To Hunt Program” where hunting licenses are NOT required. We also have a mentoring program for children whose parents aren’t interested or unable to participate.

Donor FAQ

We refer to the “Donor” as the people, operation, or organization that provides the actual trip. For example, outfitters, preserve owners, hunting clubs, boat owners, fishing lodge owners, land owners, campground owners, trail ride outfitters etc. are all examples of USSA donors.

YES! USSA has a complete liability waver form, which includes expert opinions from the recipient’s physician [see Page 2 & 3 on “Application Form”. This form helps us all to make sure the recipient is: 1. Eligible to qualify for Outdoor adventure and 2. Physically able to attend the event

Any type of wholesome outdoor activity! Besides traditional hunting and fishing, other enjoyable activities like horseback riding, camping, train rides; water sports etc. make great opportunities as well. If you would like your organization or business to become involved, USSA will 1.Offer the opportunity under one of the appropriate “Adventure Buttons” on our home page and 2. Coordinate the dream wish with you when a youth or child chooses you and your business as their dream wish!

Generally NO. At USSA we know funds can be limited, so the size of the donation is left up to the individual donor. In regard to hunting and fishing trips, USSA has a downloadable form called “Donor Survey” which will help clarify exactly what features you are able to offer with your donation and what other expenses may be needed to fulfill the child’s wish.

USSA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity and all state and federal tax laws apply. You will be issued a receipt for your donation to keep for your own records.

YES. As a special thank-you to our donors, USSA will list your operation or business on our “Donor Directory” page of the web site. There, USSA will give an appropriate thank you for your generous donation. The health and viability of our donors is very important to USSA. Additionally, 1.Name 2. Logo (if applicable) and 3. Hyperlink will be available for increased exposure of your operation.
NOTE: Some donors may prefer to remain anonymous, to avoid annoying sales pitches form unsolicited sources! USSA will respect this right to donate anonymously, and not list your business or operation if you so desire.

Sponsor FAQ

We refer to our USSA “Sponsor” as the businesses and organizations that help provide the important financial resources and man-power for USSA’s events and operations.

YES. Like our donors, your sponsorship contribution is to an IRS recognized 501-C3 non-profit charity, and all state and federal tax law eligibilities will apply to your contribution.

There are several ways to get involved: 1. Yearly cash contributions; the most needed contribution. 2. A combination of yearly cash AND product contributions. 3. A combination of yearly manpower, cash, and product contributions.

YES. Sponsors will get placement on our USSA “Sponsor Page”, where a concerned public will get to meet the businesses and organizations that help make the dream-wishes come true. Those who contribute at a higher level will also get “home page placement” on the USSA site as a special thanks.