Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our USSA FAQ section is intended to help answer many typical every-day questions a viewer may have when contemplating involvement with USSA and its operations. Although the question and answer list is not complete, our FAQ’s will help clarify many of the common concerns expressed by our recipients, sponsors and donors. We will attempt to clarify any terms to keep the section as informative as possible.

Recipient FAQ

Donor FAQ

We refer to the “Donor” as the people, operation, or organization that provides the actual trip. For example, outfitters, preserve owners, hunting clubs, boat owners, fishing lodge owners, land owners, campground owners, trail ride outfitters etc. are all examples of USSA donors.

Sponsor FAQ

We refer to our USSA “Sponsor” as the businesses and organizations that help provide the important financial resources and man-power for USSA’s events and operations.