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Remembering Ray Chase: A Legacy of Giving

For 45 years, Ray Chase shared his kindness and his love of life with everyone who knew him – his family, his friends, his church, & his community in Friendship, Wisconsin.

A dedicated & loving son, husband, & father, Ray took great pride & pleasure in sharing his love of the outdoors with others through teaching & passing that legacy on for future generations to cherish & preserve. His selfless spirit serves as a shining example to us all.

Following his passing in the Fall of 2019, Ray’s loving wife Michelle reached out to USSA to honor his memory & celebrate his life in a most unique & indelible way – by extending her hand to the children that we serve every day. All of us here at USSA are deeply grateful for the Chase Family’s remarkable generosity, & we remain dedicated to keeping Ray’s legacy alive through our work.

In memory of Ray’s remarkable life, we will plant an oak tree at USSA’s headquarters in Pittsville, with the hope that it will one day grow to provide strength, beauty and comfort—not only to the forestland creatures who share our home but to every child that may one day pass beneath it.

In Loving Memory of Austin Rivault

It is with heavy hearts that we mark the passing of USSA Board member Kevin Rivault’s son, Austin, who was taken from us in February 2013 at just 15 years old.

A native of Lafayette, Louisana, Austin, was a kind, loving, and joyful soul who reveled in life and cherished the opportunity to spend time in the outdoors with his family. His adventurous outlook, unstoppable optimism, and infectious sense of humor touched everyone who knew and loved him.

To commemorate Austin’s remarkable life, his parents, Kevin and Renee- along with his brother, Adam, and sister, Amanda-have made extraordinary contributions of both time and resources to USSA, helping us grant wishes to countless other Louisiana children.

We are deeply grateful for the Rivault family’s love and generosity and will continue to keep Austin’s memory alive in our hearts forever through our work.