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We express our continued gratitude to the USSA Sponsors and Donors, who have generously donated a portion of their hard-earned resources to advance our charity’s mission, vision, and goals for the last 22 years and many more to come. Together, we are helping to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of so many critically ill and disabled children and veterans.

  • Bio-Tec Research, Inc.
  • Bass Pro
  • Texas Trophy Hunter Association
  • Brett Favre Fourward Foundation
  • Rend Lake Resort
  • Louisiana Chapter of USSA
  • New York Chapter of USSA
  • Exotic Wildlife Association
  • Mark Neuman Family
  • Northland Cranberry
  • Baker Printing Company
  • Ruffed Grouse Society
  • Elizabeth Moran
  • Villa Barone Hilltop Manor
  • O’Donoghue Family
  • Safari Club International
  • PEMCO Contracting Inc.
  • The NRA Foundation
  • Dale Jr. Foundation
  • Putnam County Savings Bank
  • Junction City, WI Chapter
  • Whitetails Unlimited
  • YMCA
  • Lake Country Foundation Inc.
  • Random Lake Rod & Gun Club, Inc.
  • Walgreens
  • Estate of Verlyn Scheider
  • Ray Chase Memorial
  • Link International Investments, LLC
  • Hunt For Life Foundation
  • Nick Crecco Family
  • Saddle Mound Cranberry, Co.
  • Surgical Intensivists PC