Adam Bernarde

Hunter Safety Instructor

My name is Adam Bernarde; my family consists of my wife, Lisa, my three kids, Sara Beth, Hunter, Lillian, and all the various dogs. I got the love of the outdoors from my Dad. As early as 3 years old he would carry me on his shoulders while coon hunting. I in turn have the honor and privilege to do the same with my own kids, and they have shown me that they are my greatest joy in the field.

I started teaching hunter safety 10 years ago and enjoy teaching the kids as well as all the adults that take the course.

How did I get started with USSA? Well this enthusiastic lady Brigid calls me at 10:00 PM. she tells me about a hunt that she is putting on about 5 mile from my house, but needs some help. Brigid asks if I can help her out with a hunter education refresher course. After she explained who this hunt was for, I just couldn’t say no.

The reason I couldn’t say no was because of a country song that just came out. You see my wife and I just had our first child. A little girl we named Sara Beth Hope Bernarde. It only took five years and an in-vitro clinic to get her. Well this country song comes out and tells a story of Sara Beth on how she gets diagnosed with cancer when she turns sixteen. I thought of all the good fortune that I have had in my life and realized that without my daughter having the opportunity to be in the field with me it was not complete. So, a month after her birth she started to ride along with me when I checked traps. Having my kids in the field with me has since been the greatest joy in life.

I wish to share the opportunity and provide the knowledge to all that I can, so that you and your families can have your own memories in the field. It has been said that your worth is not what you leave this world with but what you leave behind. We all must do what we can to provide for the future. Teaching the next generations on how to be safe while handling firearms and safety a field is my chosen part.

May you all have a safe and memorable time a field in whatever endeavors you choose!

Adam Bernarde