Annette Johnson

Treasurer & Assistant to CEO

My name is Annette Johnson I am married to a wonderful man Ron for nearly 29 years. I’m the mother of 3 great sons. Our oldest Shaun is married to a wonderful wife Heather; they have a 2 year old son Drake who is the light of our lives. Our 2nd son Brandon is single and a very loving and caring young man. Our youngest son Wesley has Down syndrome. Wesley has a sweet girl friend named Sara and they are planning to get married; we couldn’t be happier.

Something that our family has in common is the great outdoors; especially hunting. So when Wesley’s teacher approached me with a brochure about USSA I was very excited and got right in touch with the charity.

Our son was set up for a pheasant hunt by Spring Green, WI which is where we met USSA’s founder, Brigid O’Donoghue. I could never put into words what my son and family experience on our first USSA hunt. Ron and I were in awe of the whole concept of the charity; it wasn’t long afterwards we join on board hoping we could give back to an organization we believed in.

It has been over 4 years now since my family got involved in the charity. Brigid and I are the best of friends and love each other like sisters. We hold deep in our hearts a desire to grant children with disabilities and life-threatening illnesses free outdoor adventures.

I enjoy volunteering my time with personalized thank you cards to financial donors and those who have been volunteers, or contributed any other way. I help with the food at different events, by purchasing supplies and preparing meals. I also truly enjoy making phone calls to families and helping Brigid set up events. Being part of this charity and meeting all the families is truly a rewarding experience for me and all those who get involved.