Bill Cothron

Tennessee Representative

Bill Cothron is a lifelong native of Tennessee and grew up in the small town of Hartsville, TN. Nestled in the hills of middle Tennessee, the surrounding countryside paved the way to a lifelong outdoor lifestyle. Bill was 1st introduced to hunting by his great uncles while chasing small game and later moved into hunting deer with his father. His 1st deer hunt was successful and ignited a fire within.

Bill has been involved in service to his community for most of his adult life. He joined the TN Army National Guard in 1992. He served a traditional role with the National Guard for 20 years. During that time, he was deployed twice to Irag. He was a Law Enforcement officer and served in that capacity as a Lt/Detective until 2012 when he left Law Enforcement to serve active duty with the National Guard. Even with his service to his community and country, he has always remained an avid sportsman and outdoorsman.

Bill is married to Lora and has 4 children, all of whom are avid sportsmen and sportswomen. One of Bill’s biggest passions is hunting big game, from Whitetail Deer to Turkey, and trapping Wild Boar. Bill was introduced to USSA in 2022 and immediately knew that he had to get involved with the organization. He immediately talked with Brigid about the prospect of hosting a Turkey hunt in 2023 in TN.

Bill says the reward is in the unspoken words that you see in each hunter’s eyes. The reward of fulfilling a dream for one who may not have the opportunity and helping to accommodate those who may have a special circumstance is the most amazing gift that one can receive in God’s outdoors.