Chris Ash

Minnesota Representative

Chris Ash lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota, with his wife Marilyn and their two kids, Lauryn and Tyler. He grew up in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and loved all outdoor sports as a kid. Baseball was his favorite game in the summer, and as soon the ice was thick enough, he could be found fishing with his dad on Pewaukee Lake.  He started bird hunting with his Uncle Jim and two cousins when he turned 12 and loved being in the woods watching his pointer work a grouse or pheasant.  His uncle wasn’t a deer hunter, so he took up the sport by himself when he turned 18. He moved to Prior Lake, MN, in 1999 and continued hunting deer and birds throughout the years, picking up friends along the way, but his dream was to have his children to share the memories with.

Both Lauryn and Tyler love animals, whether it was their own dog Kona, going to the zoo, or watching animal shows on tv, but neither of them had an interest in hunting or shooting an animal. That is until Tyler received the opportunity to go bear hunting thru Brigid and the USSA in 2021. He was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to go. That’s all he talked about in the month time leading up to hunting. He played hunting games on his computer, we went practicing at the range, went to Cabela’s weekly to check out all of the bear mounts, and watched countless youtube videos on bear hunting. He looks forward to each hunting season and plans what to hunt and where to go.

Chris said, “I love enjoying the hunting and outdoor experience through Tyler’s eyes, and his passion is to help other children and their families get that experience as well. Sometimes all it takes is a day in the outdoors to temporarily forget about life’s problems and make lasting memories in the woods, field, or out on the lake.”