Steve Yant

Coon Hunting Coordinator

Steve Yant is an avid outdoor enthusiast and lifelong coon hunter. He has had tremendous success in the sport of competition coon hunting and is pictured here with his Platinum Champion Flatrock Thrasher walker coon dog, who has won nearly $62,000.00 against the best coon hounds in the nation. Steve himself is in the top 10 all-time winnings.

Handlers/trainers and his success has spanned decades. His lifelong involvement in the sport of coon hunting has allowed Steve to make many contacts with good high quality, high-character coon hunters, which in turn will provide exciting hunts for challenged youth across our nation. The connection between man and dog is undeniable, and nowhere is that more evident than a hunter and his hound.

Steve is a dedicated family man and resides in Sikeston, Missouri, with his wife Heather and two kids, Ali-Brooke and Corbin. If you would like to try an exciting hunt with well-trained coon hounds, we recommend you fill out a USSA application and give the exciting sport of coon hunting a try!