Coy Estes

Texas Representative

Coy Estes was born in Indiana and moved to Fort Worth, TX, early in life along with his three siblings, an older sister, and three younger brothers. His extended family is from Mississippi, and this is where he discovered a fondness for the country’s way of life. Coy credits his grandfather, Charles Brown, with feeding his love of the country’s way of living. In addition, his Uncle Shot from Mississippi has been a beacon and mentor in his hunting aspirations. He has carried this joy throughout his life and is a true outdoor enthusiast.

He has hunted extensively since his medical retirement from the Army in 2015 and has used this opportunity to help wounded veterans through hard times. “These hunts are more about being able to spend time with fellow brothers and sisters of the various branches.  We get to be a ‘unit’ again with a mission!”

Stacy, Coy’s beautiful wife of 6 years, also spent time in the military (21yrs with the Air Force). She doesn’t hunt but does enjoy going fishing and fully supports Coy’s love of hunting. After speaking with Brigid O’Donoghue and going on his first bear hunt, Stacy encouraged him to try to become pursue his passion. When Coy was asked to be involved in this organization, he thought, “this is the perfect job.”

Coy has worked in many different fields, but all of them have led him back to the service of others. Coy has been looking for a job that would allow him to help others improve themselves. He has helped by leading the sons of two disabled veterans on their first hunt. They were able to harvest their first does. This solidified for Coy that this was the right position for him.