Darrell Kauth

Veteran Event Coordinator

Originally from Port Edwards, Wisconsin, Darrell spent 15 years serving the Boy Scouts of America, then as the chairman of the Wood County Advisory Committee, helping protect and preserve the area’s delicate wetlands. He’s married with two sons and a grandson, and his hobbies include hunting, fishing, trapping, canoeing, beekeeping, and of course, volunteering for USSA as our Director of Veteran Hunts.

“It’s my love of spending time with family and friends that make it so easy to share it with those who are not blessed with that opportunity,” says Darrell. “Just seeing the smile on a child’s face when they catch their first bluegill, or a tear in the eye of a wounded warrior because someone cared enough to take them hunting brings a reward that can’t be explained in words. You feel it in your heart, and in your soul.”