Gina Vandiford

North Carolina Representative

Gina Vandiford grew up in NC as an only child. Her father was an avid sportsman. He didn’t care that he didn’t have a son because he would teach his daughter the ways of the land. Wherever her father was, you would see Gina too. She went rabbit hunting, bird hunting, coon hunting, deer hunting, dog field trials, and fishing. Her mother disliked that he had their daughter doing all those boyish things. Gina said, “My father taught me how to skin out a deer by my teenage years. He taught me the way to survive.”

Fast forward several years, she met her lifelong partner, an avid sportsman, and they hit it off immediately. They hunt and fish together and love the outdoors, which inspired her to volunteer for USSA.

Gina said, “Our hunting club decided in 2013 to host a hunt for special children and their families. Not knowing what to expect, we did whatever we could to make this a memorable time for the kids. Little did I know the impact that this would have on me. I met some of the most amazing families. We built relationships. I soon realized this was our new family, not just people here for a weekend.”

With each year passing, Gina gained so many new family members and cherished every one of these people dearly. But, Gina added, “being a female hunter, I have gotten to experience firsthand hunting with these kids guiding them on their hunts and having God guide us along the way. The memories I have are so very precious.

“I am so excited and very grateful to represent the NC chapter of the USSA. I am eager to move mountains to put a smile on these children’s faces. I look forward to growing together and making the world a happier place one wish at a time.”