Greyson Cothron

Greyson Cothron was born into a family that loved to spend time in the great outdoors. Growing up, he was constantly with his father and siblings as they hunted and explored nature. When Greyson was old enough to join in, he was out there with them, developing a passion for the outdoors that would stay with him for life.

Greyson was soon consumed by his passion for hunting. He spent every opportunity either in the yard “hunting” with his dad’s decoys and a plastic gun or watching videos on hunting different species. Shortly after attending a hunting trade show, he began to learn how to call several species of animals with only his mouth. At 9, he became fluent in using diaphragm, friction, and reed calls for Turkey, Duck, Geese, Elk, and Predators. He can now call Turkey, Crows, Geese, and Owls. His passion and humility at such a young age are truly amazing.

Greyson enjoys hunting, fishing, participating in organized sports, and spending quality time with his friends and family. He is passionate about sharing his interests with others and introducing them to the great outdoors at every chance. In February of 2024, Greyson’s video showcasing his natural talent for turkey calling went viral on social media. Inspired by this success, he plans to pursue competition calling and gain more experience to continue sharing his passion with others.