Nick Crecco

New York Representative

My name is Nick Crecco. I was born in the Bronx, New York and was raised most of my life in Westchester County NY. Growing up in the suburbs of Manhattan, hunting and the outdoors was not popular, but I saw things differently. I thought it was, and still is the greatest thing to experience as a child. My grandfather and father have always been my mentors. Together, we would spend any free day possible in upstate NY hunting, fishing and enjoying each and every moment.

As a teenager I continued to become a great hunter and eventually turned most of my interests to bow hunting. I spent many early mornings and afternoons pursuing deer and small game. I realize today that all those years have given me a lifetime of priceless experiences and memories, combined with good fun and cherished time spent with my family.

At the age of 29 I married my wife and best friend. We now have three beautiful children of our own. She is a great woman who always lets me pursue my dreams and is very supportive of my hobbies and what I enjoy most, bow hunting! As a father, I now realize how important it is to educate our children about hunting and the outdoors. I feel as if the future of this great sport is in our own hands. We need to teach the next generation the importance of safety and the freedom that we as Americans have, and to enjoy the World’s most precious resource, the great outdoors!

A few years back I realized how lucky some of us are and sometimes we take things for granted. I am a very busy man and I run and operate a catering facility just an hour north of Manhattan. Free time doesn’t come often, but whenever it does, I try to spend as much time as possible with my children. I try my hardest to instill in them what my grandfather and father have taught me; Honesty, Respect and not to take what we’ve been blessed with for granted. I am lucky to have the opportunity to spend precious time with my family hunting and creating memories of our own! I hope that they too will carry these experiences with them and will continue in my footsteps and those of the mentors that taught me.

After reading about the goals and the good things that USSA is doing for these children, I picked up the phone and contacted Brigid O’Donoghue and asked her about the children in my area of NY. She told me that unfortunately no one has yet committed to opening a chapter in NY, and there is a waiting list for these children to be granted an outdoor wish. This is when I realized that I have to be the one to help fulfill the dreams of these children as best as I can. And so, it has been well over nine years that Brigid and I have committed to establish the NY chapter. This year I am glad to announce that we are hosting our annual Game Dinner honoring USSA to help raise money for the children in our own backyard!

Best wishes to everyone involved in this great endeavor and for all those who dedicate their time in helping USSA to grant these special wishes.

God Bless,

Nick Crecco