Susie Shay

Administrative Assistant

I first became acquainted with USSA and Brigid on election day-spring of 2019. I was working the polls, and the ladies I was working with were trying to recruit new members into the East Fork Homemakers Club of City Point, WI. When Brigid and Pete came to vote, the ladies asked Brigid if she would join the club. She explained that she simply didn’t have time because of her job.

None of us knew what her job was, so we asked her. She said she was the Founder and CEO of USSA and had representatives in 43 states. We were amazed when she mentioned holding a Summer Festival in July that would bring 500 people to our area. She said she needed volunteers, so we asked her to speak at one of the club meetings to give everyone more information about the event and her charity. After her presentation, a number of us offered to volunteer.

My job experience was secretarial, so I offered to help her with office work. I told her I was retired and only lived eight miles away. So it was an ideal opportunity for me to keep my skills and, per Brigid, a God-sent blessing for her.

I thoroughly enjoy helping Brigid with the routine office duties so she can focus on organizing the once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing adventures for disabled and terminally ill children and veterans. It’s a win-win situation.