10-point bruiser – a dream come true!

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Isaac said, “I hear some noise in the corn.” Bailey, his mentor, looking through the binoculars, saw the deer moving in a 45-degree angle towards the right, passing through the corn 75 yards away.

About twenty minutes later, they saw a buck 10 yards from the corn. Bailey reached down and got the rifle and set it on the ledge. The buck was now 40 yards on their right, standing broadside in the open. He had Isaac looked through the scope, put the crosshair on the deer, and squeezed the trigger. The buck kicked up its back legs, then ran off into the woods. 

Bailey and his dad, Scott, waited in the blind with certainty Isaac made a good shot. Twenty minutes passed, and the guys went to trail the buck. It had run 30 yards, dropped, and its rack was leaning over the side of a deep creek. Scott said, “God had his hand in this hunt; if it had fallen into the creek, we would never have gotten it out!” 

Congratulations to Isaac on his 10-point big buck and fantastic memories shared with Bailey and Scott. God bless!