335-pound black bear bagged in Wisconsin!

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Tyler’s father said, “We baited early in the morning on the second day of his hunt, and then Brent and my son sat in the stand. It was almost dark, and out of nowhere, a big black bear came out. Tyler shot, and the bear spun around and slid down the hill, ran about 80 yards, and then into the woods. We looked forever and finally called in a scent hound who found the bear within 10 minutes. We got to bed about 3:00 in the morning, tuckered out, but it was worth it. Mike added, “my son is quiet, but we could see the gleam in his eye from the joy he felt from the whole experience! Brent was a great guide, and my son felt comfortable being with him!”

Thank you to Harry Hepp, who donated his bear license, and Brent Oleson for guiding the hunt. 

Congratulations to Tyler for his trophy and the treasured memories he experienced with his father and Brent! God bless!