A hunt worth the wait!

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On November 28, Juan got to punch his tag for his first buck. Thanks to the United Special Sportsman’s Alliance (USSA) for allowing him to go out on his first hunt.

After a long eight days of waking up early, eating all the snacks, and seeing lots of deer, Juan finally got the chance at this buck at 300 yards.

Juan set up, calmed his nerves, and made a great shot on this nice 3by3.

When asked about the hunt, Juan said, “I really liked it, even with having to get up early and the freezing cold.”

“There were memories made for Juan and his younger brother that will last a lifetime, and I am glad that this could happen for them,” said John.

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the United Special Sportsman’s Alliance and become the Southern New Mexico Representative.

If you can think of any deserving youth that may not have the opportunity to hunt, have a disability, or illness that can benefit from this charity organization, do not hesitate to contact me. John Plowman, [email protected] or (575) 956-5897.