A really big monster!

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Captain Buck and his first mate Jaiden were waiting on the dock when 8-year-old Mackenzie and her mother Crystal arrived at the Alberta Creek Marina.

Makenzie said, “My fishing trip was a surprise. Buck asked me if I knew about the fishing trip, and I told him I didn’t. Then Mom and I got on the big boat with the grownups, and I was so excited.”

“The first fish we caught was little, and they helped me take it off. Then they put bait on the hook and put it back in the water, and in a little bit, we caught another one.”

When they couldn’t get on the striped bass, we traveled north 2-3 miles. They checked the first jug, and it had two fish, and the second jug had a bigger fish. Buck gave Mackenzie a hand as she pulled the line in and Jaiden helped pull up on the jug itself. 

Mackenzie said, “Buck pulled it, and I pulled it, and the lady helped too. I was scared and screamed when Buck brought that big fish into the boat. I was close to it and realized it was a very big one. I didn’t know I was going to catch a really big monster! 

Many thanks to Buck Grigg, Hook’d Up Guide Service owner, and first mate Jaiden Hopkins for giving Mackenzie and her mother a fantastic fishing trip. God bless!