An unbelievable shot!

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Grayson and his dad Dan climbed into the stand at dawn, and in time, two sets of three deer wandered out of the nearby hardwoods. As often happens, the deer eluded them by hiding in a spruce thicket, making it impossible for Grayson to get a clear shot. It was snowing now, and the wind was blowing, but the deer was still moving, so they devotedly waited for another opportunity. 

After lunch, they decided to try a different spot, and in time they saw seven deer come out in the woods. Dan said, “you need to get ready, deer are going to start heading out into the cornfield, and you may get a chance at a shot!” 

Looking through his binoculars, an excited Grayson said, “deer are coming in from that cornfield area, and look like they’re coming this way.” Grayson soon got resituated, and Dan positioned the gun on the ledge and said, “take that second one, the big doe that is the one you want to shoot.”

Grayson made a perfect 55 yard shot behind the right shoulder, and the deer dropped in its tracks. “I made an unbelievable shot,” said Grayson. He gave his dad a high five and a big hug and said, “I got it, Dad, I got it!”

Many thanks to Gary Gusell for making his property accessible for special kids, and the Larry Wakefield Memorial that covered the lodging. Congratulations to Grayson on his nice doe and the treasured memories shared with his dad and the landowner! God bless!