Bear hunting dance pays off for special hunter!

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Maurreon’s mother, Lawanda, said, “On day one, we met up with our guide Zack at 4:45 am. Maurreon did his bear hunting dance for success. We ran two bears; both got away from the dogs as they crossed the water, and the dogs lost the scent. We quit at about 4 pm that day. Day 2 started at 4:45 as well. We were out checking cameras looking for a hit when one of the cameras wasn’t working and didn’t capture any videos. “Let’s just let one dog go and see what happens,” the guide suggested, BOOM he was on a scent of a bear, so he let another dog go and another. The dogs ran the bear about 3/4 of a mile before he was treed. The dogs had him treed for approximately a half-hour before we made it through the woods. Maurreon face was super excited when he saw the bear in the tree. Zack told him to take the shot, and the bear was down. Maurreon high-fived everyone, and he was so happy. The hunt was so exciting for him, and we had a great hunting team and guide!”

We are grateful to John Pearson for donating his bear license and Zach Gerlach, Jeff Endvick, Brad Soder, and Amy Ellis for making a young man’s dream come true. Congratulations to Maurreon on his trophy bear! God bless!