Catching Large Catfish on Alabama’s Largest Lake!

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For almost a decade and a half, USSA families have gathered together at the YMCA Camp Cha-La-Kee, located on the shores of Lake Guntersville. Dedicated catfish anglers have been coming in from surrounding states and generously offer their time and expertise while helping families get a chance at reeling in a big fish.Phil said, “We arrived and settled in, and everyone was wonderful. The staff made sure everything went smoothly. First, we got up to a fantastic breakfast and then went fishing with Captain Jonathan. We caught many catfish, some weighing in up to 50lbs.”

After boats returned around noon, the families gathered together on the pier, took pictures with their fish, and then released them back into the lake. Even though the temperature was on the cool side, the catch was more than they anticipated, and they couldn’t wait to try again following lunch.

Lara said, “This fishing trip allowed us to catch some big monstrous fish that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. The look on my family’s faces and Captain Lonnie’s face when we caught the fish, especially the first one that was 70lbs or so, was priceless. Lonnie’s smile shows how much he loves sharing this with others.”

The families were as excited to get back on the lake that afternoon. Besides catching fish, it was building self-confidence, teaching patience, and experiencing the wonders of the great outdoors.

Phil added, “We caught more fish, and one was so big that it took two adults and a net to get it into the boat. The boys love the fishing trip so much they can’t wait to show the pictures to their friends at school.”

“We are very thankful to have been able to participate in this year’s catfish fishing event. This past year has been challenging for us in a few different ways. Being able to take part allowed us time to slow down, be together, enjoy each other’s company, reconnect in some ways, and have the wonderful opportunity to meet some amazing Christian people,” said Lara.

“We are ever grateful to the YMCA Camp Cha-La-Kee for donating their facility and the anglers and volunteers for their continued support,” said USSA Alabama Rep Joe Davis.

Our special thanks to Joe Davis, Lonnie Fountain, Donnie Fountain, Jonathan Long, Eddie Swofford, and volunteers for giving these beautiful families a memorable fishing trip. Congratulations to them on their great catch of fish and memories. God bless!

If you know of a deserving child who might want to attend this year’s fishing trip on Lake Guntersville, please contact United Special Sportsman Alliance.