Fantastic memories made in a deer stand!

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Three does come out into the field on opening day, but Anthony decided to wait for a buck. The following day the weather was hot, and humid and deer were not moving. Anthony wondered if he made the right decision by waiting. It wasn’t long afterward when his mentor Mike Stone tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to a deer that had just entered the field. Anthony rested the shotgun on the ledge, dialed it in, and took the shot. The deer jumped straight up in the air and ran off into the trees. Mike looked at Anthony and said, “Good shot, yes, good shot!” They waited a while, then followed the blood trail through the thicket for 15 yards and found the deer. 

“It was amazing seeing my son so happy yet on edge looking for tracks and then finding his deer! Sharing time with my son in the wilderness and seeing the enjoyment he got from the hunt was the best part,” said Chris.

Congratulations to Anthony on his nice deer and fantastic memories shared with his Dad and Mike. God bless!