Father shares the story of fellowshipping and fishing

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Captain Jimmy and his son Matt got everything packed up and gassed up their boat, named the ‘White Cap.’ They were looking forward to sharing their passion for fishing with a father and son whose lives had many twists and turned in the road. Early in the morning, the fishermen met up with Zach and his father, Willard, at the 340 Abeel Marina in Kingston, NY.

Willard said, “It was a breezy and cool morning, but beautiful sunshine filled the sky. They welcomed us aboard the boat as if we were family. We then drove the ‘White Cap’ out of the bay onto the Hudson River. Zach was able to sit beside Captain Jimmy because he was the pilot. Zach thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was four miles downstream to the fishing spot they wanted to try. They explained that we might not catch anything on our arrival, but they just wanted us to have a great time. Matt got all of the lines in the water, and then we began to troll the River. During the trolling, Zach had two slices of pizza!! He also enjoyed that!! We trolled for a few hours. Matt and his dad apologized because we hadn’t taken any fish yet, and I explain that they couldn’t make the fish bite! Finally, after a while, we got a bite!! I got to reel in a beautiful 27″ Striper!! We were all pretty ecstatic!! We really enjoyed the wonderful time on the water, fellowshipping, and fishing!”

Life can sometimes be a bumpy road but smoothed out by enjoying the beauty of the outdoors and camaraderie while fishing with newfound friends. Many thanks to Jimmy and Matt Pigliavento for helping create fabulous memories for Zach and Willard! God bless!