Fish caught, new friends made, and hearts filled!

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USSA held its inaugural catfishing fishing event near Jasper, Tennessee. Many catfish were awaiting the exciting young anglers as they took to the water on Saturday.

Josie said, “It was so wonderful; we haven’t had the chance to get away as a family since before the pandemic. The children enjoyed spending the morning on the boat and felt very lucky to have caught fish!! It was nice to be spoilt as adults too with a bit of downtime!!”

“It was wonderful as we had an opportunity to have a family outing, doing something that we would never have had the chance to do without USSA! The guides were such wonderful, caring Christians, and we could not have hand-chosen better people!! This was a blessing from God, and proves He is with us at all times,” Shannon said.

“Fish were caught, new friends were made, and hearts were filled!” said Sheryl Ridenour, USSA TN Rep. “These USSA events ( are amazing! Not even rain could bring on sad faces!!!!”

Congratulations to the kids on their great catch and new tackle boxes. Many thanks to Lonnie and Donnie Fountain, Larry Muse, Hunter Ridenour, and our volunteers and donors for providing an unforgettable fishing trip. God bless!