Friends, family, and fellowship for a Marine!

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When he was younger, Adam had enjoyed the sport of ice fishing. Many of his favorite outdoor sports became difficult for various reasons after serving in the Marine Corp.

As time passed, he attended a USSA veteran bass tournament in which the shared camaraderie rekindled his lost passion for the outdoors for the first time in years. Adam was thrilled to hear that USSA was sponsoring an ice fishing event for veterans and their families.

They arrived at the Wolf River east of Clintonville, WI, at daybreak. Adam jumped right in and helped set up the tip-ups and tip-downs while other volunteers were drilling holes, and his wife Jamie and stepson Mason decided to try their luck at jigging.

All in all, they caught around a dozen northern pike with Jamie’s biggest fish 16 ½” and Mason’s 18″!

Jamie said, “Mason and I were chasing each other down after those tip-downs, and we caught so many fish; I felt like a kid again!”

“This ice fishing trip with my family was an incredible experience,” Adam said. “I encourage veterans to attend a USSA event before turning down the opportunity. Some of their fishermen and volunteers are veterans like us. Just try it once; that’s all you got to do!”

“Just seeing my husband being himself and enjoying something he loves to do is so rewarding. I’m beyond blessed being married to a veteran!”

Stuart Henning added, “It was great seeing the positive impact this fishing trip had on Adam and his family. Everyone went home relaxed and happy, and that’s what we like to see!”

Congratulations to Adam and his family for the great catch of fish and unforgettable memories. Our gratitude and respect for your unselfishness in serving our country! God bless!