Grandpa’s 40-year-old Remington gets the job done!

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11-year-old Destanie and her Grandpa Joe were sitting in the tower blind, watching for deer. Destanie said, “It was dark at first, and I fell asleep, but Grandpa saw the deer come in and woke me up. He said in a quiet tone, “there are deer out there!” We saw six does, two young ones and four older ones; one looked like a grandma deer.” 

It wasn’t long, and they came into range. Grandpa got Destanie propped up on a stool near the open window. She looked down the scope, pulled the trigger, but her shot missed and went low, and the deer jumped and ran into the woods.

About twenty minutes later, the deer circled back, but this time it was closer. Grandpa said, “I got her all positioned up, and she took aim, and she shot it right where it stood, and then it kicked its hind legs up and ran off.”

“I was nervous because I thought I would miss it. My Grandpa was proud of me and said, “you got it…. you got it! Spending time alone with my Grandpa and shooting my deer was the best part of my hunt,” she said. 

Many thanks to the Ken Olson family for sponsoring the hunt. Congratulations to Destanie on bagging a nice doe and the wonderful memories she shared with her Grandpa! God bless!