Greenfield Girl Bags Bear With Critter Gitter Crew

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Olivia, who is 16 years old, comes from a family of hunters. However, she has yet to have an opportunity to go hunting. After completing her hunter safety with the United Special Sportsman Alliance, she demonstrated her proficiency at the shooting range. Her father, Tim, said, “Olivia was thrilled to learn that she would finally have a chance to go on a bear hunt and couldn’t wait!”

Olivia and her father drove for five hours to reach the bear camp, where Brent Evitch welcomed them. He gave them a tour before they joined the group for dinner and fellowship. Later, they retired early to bed before Olivia’s hunt the following day.

After an early breakfast the next day, Brent loaded his dogs into his truck, and Olivia and her father joined him while the rest of the Crew checked their bear baits. Tim said, “Brent explained to us how to read the iPad to see where the dogs are and what they are doing.”

Eventually, the Crew found a hot, fresh track as the rig dogs caught its scent and began barking. As the track warmed up, they released the other pack dogs, who hastened to catch up with the lead trailing dogs. The dogs chased the bear rapidly and eventually treed it.

Olivia and her dad rode in on an ATV for about 400 yards through a slightly overgrown fire lane. Then, they walked another 100 yards on foot through what appeared to be a dried swamp to reach the spot where the bear was treed. Tim said, “Olivia focused on getting there safely because the walk was pretty rough.”

As they approached, Olivia could see her bear perched 20 feet high on a large pine tree. The guides pulled back all the dogs and tied them to nearby trees. Then, Brent secured the gun on a tripod. Olivia focused on determining the right moment to pull the trigger as the bear appeared restless on the tree. Brent gave her the go-ahead to take a shot. She aimed at the crosshairs, pulled the trigger on her brother’s .223 rifle, and the bear tumbled down from the tree. There was a surge of excitement and emotion over her accomplishment, and Olivia couldn’t help but exclaim with joy, “Woo-hoo!”

Brent expressed that the hunt was a huge success and attributed it to the assistance provided by the Critter Gitter Crew. He mentioned the exceptional work done by the dogs and the amazing people and friends who contributed to the event. He acknowledged that such hunts would only be successful with the collective effort of everyone involved.

Tim agreed, saying, “What impressed me the most during the hunt was how many people worked tirelessly to fulfill Olivia’s dream of harvesting a black bear.”

We want to thank Brent Evitch and the Critter Gitter Hound Hunter Crew for their unwavering commitment to ensuring that Olivia’s bear hunt was successful.

Congratulations to the young huntress on her trophy bear. She has created lasting memories for herself, her dad, and her newfound hunting buddies. God bless!

If you are interested in getting involved, want to donate your 2024 bear license, or know of a deserving youth, adult, or veteran, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].