Jeremy got to punch his tag on his unit 34 cow elk

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After a missed opportunity the morning before, Jeremy was content to get another shot and make it happen. Two hundred twenty yards, this big cow elk finally turned broadside in a break in the tall pine trees, and he made a perfect shot.

We made our way up this tall, steep mountain, almost on our hands and knees, crawling, and got to this huge cow. And the work started.

“I didn’t realize how big she was!” said Jeremy as we started to cape her out.

But after carrying some heavy quarters off the side of a steep hill, Jeremy learned a new meaning of hunting and hard work. He was full of excitement and excited to hunt more.

Again none of this could be possible without (United Special Sportsman’s Alliance) USSA. Another excellent opportunity for a great kid. If anyone knows any youth in New Mexico who can benefit from this organization, please do not hesitate to contact USSA’s Sothern New Mexico State Representative, John Plowman, [email protected] or (575) 956-5897.