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16-year-old Isaiah has wanted to go hunting since he was ten years old, so he jumped on it when the opportunity finally knocked on his door. He went target practicing before the hunt, which gave him more confidence if a deer should come out and present a decent shot.

Isaiah and his mentor Lucas Shelley were in the blind early in the morning. Lucas said, “It was our first time hunting at this spot, with a nice food plot nearby, but we didn’t see any deer. The temperature remained warm throughout the day and into the evening as the shadows began to lengthen. On our left, we saw two does walking, with the smaller one in front of a larger one; we waited for them to separate to get a good shot.”

It was twenty minutes after sunset, and Lucas told Isaiah they only had ten minutes left to hunt. Then the smaller deer moved, and now the bigger doe was facing them broadside. Isaiah set the Savage 20-gauge shotgun on the ledge, looked through the scope, and got the big doe in focus. Lucas said, “When you have it in the crosshairs, take the shot.” The young man was excited; he might take his first deer; he continued looking through the scope. To their surprise, Lucas then saw a buck coming in and told Isaiah, ” Wait, there is a buck right in front of the food plot.” It wasn’t much longer, and Isaiah had it dialed in, and the 8-point buck went down at 6:48 pm, with only five minutes left to hunt. 

Lukas said, “He should have shot the doe, but he didn’t pull the trigger. God had a hand in this young man’s hunt”

“God answered my prayers!” said his Grandma.

Congratulations to Isaiah on his trophy buck and the wonderful time he shared in the blind with his newfound friend and mentor! God bless!