Little Sniper’s dream comes true!

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12-year-old Bobby and her mentor Kari Norton sat in a ground blind while looking over a nice food plot, hoping a deer would come into sight. 

After some time, three deer came in from the hardwoods knoll. Kari motioned for Bobbi to pick up her rifle. She set the Savage .270 on the ledge, looked down the scope, focused on the bigger of the three, and gently pulled the trigger. The deer dropped right in its tracks.

“I call her ‘Little Sniper’ because Grandpa taught her to shoot so well,” said her Grandma.

When she got to her grandparents, Bobby was still on cloud nine and danced around while sharing her deer hunting story. She said, “I wanted to get a deer to help feed my family.”

Many thanks to the Ken Olson family for sponsoring the hunt. Congratulations to Bobbi on her doe and the wonderful time she shared in the blind with her mentor! God bless!