Mercedes trophy pronghorn antelope hunt in New Mexico

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Opening morning Miss Mercedes wasted no time. First buck spotted when the sun came up was the buck she wanted, and the stock was on. With the buck about a thousand yards out, we decided to get in front of this buck while he was grazing and moving his way north.

We got set up in front of him and he came straight to us getting to 280 yards broadside. Mercedes set her sights on him and squeezed the trigger and the rest is history.

She watched him fall in her scope and her face lit up with excitement and she couldn’t help but smile. Andy, Mercedes’ father, embraced her in a hug with a proud, “Good Job!” A moment they will both cherish forever.

United Special Sportsman’s Alliance gets another great opportunity for another great kid!
Big thanks to Rodney Plowman and Carlos Valenzuela for all the help and making this hunt a success.