Minnesota boy bags bear with a Badger!!

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Hunting with one’s father is a blessing we all look forward to, and Jerry Kickbusch had waited nine years to draw a bear harvest tag and hunt with his son Josh. Unfortunately, Jerry lost his battle to cancer, so his family decided to donate it to a child who endured similar health issues. The family had a special request; the child used Jerry’s Remington .30-06. 

On their first day, the weather was not cooperating, yet the persistent rain could not dampen the spirits of Zakk, Dawn, and their guide, Luke. The following afternoon a nice bear came out, and Zakk raised the trusty family firearm and squeezed the trigger. Like countless times before, the rifle was up to the task, and Zakk had taken a very nice black bear. Then shortly afterward, Josh bag a bear too! 

Emotions ran high for all involved, as they couldn’t believe their good fortune of two bears down in twenty minutes. The fellowship and prayer in the great outdoors had surrounded them all as they enjoyed every precious moment together. Perhaps Jerry helped from above guiding Zakk’s aim with the rifle he knew so well. 

Congratulations to Zakk and Josh on harvesting their trophy! Many thanks to Luke and Dale Olson for giving them an unforgettable hunt! God bless!