Mom tells story of son bagging bear!

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After target practicing, the guide felt comfortable with Andrew’s shot, and they planned to be in the woods early the following morning. 

Andrew’s mother, Jamie, said, “Around 5:45 a.m., we checked the bait, and soon after, Sam, our guide, turned the dogs loose. They moved quickly through the woods and trout streams and trailed for several hours before they finally treed the bear. We followed Sam through the thick trees for around 300 yards, we got closer to the tree, and everyone’s hearts were racing with excitement.”


Sam handed his 20 gauge Remington shotgun to Andrew. He got the bear in the crossfires, gently pulled the trigger, and it was down! 

“My son just stood still in amazement on making such a good shot! And, Sam, oh my, his face and actions were priceless.” 

Many thanks to Steven Skolaski for donating his license and Sam Redalen and his ‘backup crew’ for giving Andrew a fantastic hunt. Congratulations to Andrew on his trophy and the beautiful memories shared with his mom! God bless!