Nolan’s perfect shot and perfect story!

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Two bucks came out into the field early in the morning, but Nolan could not take a shot due to foggy weather. His guide, Kenneth Smith, assured him he would probably get another chance.

Nolan said, “When I looked out the tower blind, there were around ten deer that came out from the woods and into the field in front of me. My guide was able to zoom in on the deer with the phone scope. He told me to pick out a deer that I liked, but then it walked away, and a different one walked closer to us. Kenneth said, “that is the one you are going to shoot, and we need to be calm.” But my guide was shaking a lot, but I was fine. He got the deer lined up, so I knew where it was, but I had to move it to make a clean shot. I looked through the scope, pulled the trigger, and the deer hunched back and ran halfway down the field and fell. Kenneth said, “Good job!” then gave me a high five and said, “Now we have to go get it!”

“When we got to the deer, Kenneth told my son, “you made a perfect shot right through the lungs.” He had never deer hunted before and had minimal experience, and making a perfect shot made me super proud of him!” said his mom. 

“Sharing my story and telling everyone how much fun deer hunting can be was the best part,” said Nolan.

Congratulations to the young man on his nice doe and the beautiful memories he shared with his Mom and Kenneth. God bless!