Patience pays off for hunting buddies!

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Colton, 13, and his guide, Matt Wallace, waited patiently in their stand, hoping to see a bear. On the fifth day of the hunt, Colton saw a nice bear come out afar with his’ eagle eye’ vision. Then shortly afterward, a bigger one weighing 165-pounds came into sight. Colton slowly brought up the 7mm-08 rifle, rested it on edge, carefully aimed, squeezed the trigger, and down went the bear! Colton got up from his chair and, jumping up and down and throwing his arms around, yelled out, “I got it…I got it!” Matt said the smile on his face was priceless! 

Colton’s mother said, “I tear up just thinking about the confidence and pride I saw in my son following his bear hunt! 

Much gratitude for Logan Taylor, who donated his bear license, and Matt to guide the hunt and give this young man a memory lasting a lifetime! Congratulations to Colton on his trophy! God bless!