Purple Heart Recipient bags Wisconsin bear!

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Great news continues for USSA hunters during the Wisconsin bear season! As a clear shot presented itself, Marine veteran Antonio squeezed the trigger of his 30-06 Remington 7400, and the big black bear went down in a moment of indescribable excitement. Drew, 11, was thrilled to share the fantastic experience with his father. 

Antonio said, “besides shooting the bear, the most impacting part of the hunt was seeing all the effort and coordination that went into the hunt,” as bear hunting is indeed a team sport for many!

Special thanks to Frank Bunek for donating his bear license and Brent Evitch and the Critter Gitter Hound Hunter Crew for their dedication and hard work in making so many dreams come true.

Congratulations to Antonio on his trophy and lifetime of unforgettable memories shared with his son and newfound friends in Wisconsin’s beautiful outdoors. God bless!