Sit right back, and you will hear a tale of a skipper and his little buddy!

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Six-year-old Xander and his parents met up with their fisherman Seth Evans at the Chickamauga Marina in Chattanooga, TN. After they got into the boat, Seth gave Xander his first fishing rod. He asked, “will it catch a fish?” Seth reassured him it would, and then he gave him a tackle box with different types of bait, hooks, and bobbers. After placing his new Shakespeare in the rod holder, Xavier asked Seth, “Can I take it home?” He said, “Of course, the fishing rod is yours, little buddy.”

“When he caught his first fish,” Seth said, “I could tell he was beyond excited; his face lit up the way I remember mine did the first time I went with my dad and grandpa. He was blown away by how big the fish was and was hesitant about touching it. After the 5th one, he was worn out.”

Melissa said, “Fishing was a big part of my childhood and part of the fondest memories with my dad. I have wanted to take my son fishing since he was born but couldn’t make it happen; his grandpa would be so proud!”

“I’ve lived a very blessed life with great health, love, and true mentoring from wonderful men and women who taught me to help others when possible. To me, I’m the one that gets the true blessing,” Seth said.

Congratulations to Xander on his great catch, first fishing rod, and tackle box. Special thanks to Seth for sharing his gift of fishing with his ‘little buddy’ and family. God bless!