Successful deer and pheasant hunt for American Heroes!

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Our veterans have sacrificed so very much for our nations’ freedom. It is truly an honor and privilege to grant them a hunting trip. 

Veteran Mike and Dennis honed their marksmanship skills at the USSA rifle range with a 7mm-08 Savage equipped with an X-sight 4k Pro Scope and digital recorder. Darrell Kauth, the USSA Vet Coordinator, was impressed and said they were qualified shooters and ready to hit the field.

“Later in the day, their skill and a little bit of luck paid off,” said Darrell, “Mike filled his buck and antlerless tag, and Dennis filled his antlerless tag too! Then early the following morning, they had seven pheasants down.”

Much gratitude to Jackson County Park & Wildlife volunteers for developing and maintaining the forage areas and processing the meat. Thanks to the North American Squirrel Association (NASA) for their support in the pheasant hunt.

Congratulations to Mike and Dennis on their successful hunts and the nutritious and delicious venison and pheasant they will enjoy with their families! God bless!