Three for three in Bemidji

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The deer started coming out into the field around 5 pm, and Jack told 14-year-old Kolby, “there is a big fat doe out in the field, and it’s in shooting range.” Kolby answered, with his unique Australian accent, “you are right, mate, and I’m here for the meat!” So he lined up the rifle, looked down the scope, and took a shot but missed, and the doe ran off with a bunch of other deer. Shortly afterward, an 8-point buck jumped out onto the road, so they quickly switched windows. Kolby got the gun lined up and took the shot; the deer kicked up, ran a short distance up a hill, and stopped facing dead away from them. Five minutes passed with no movement, which seemed like forever! The buck finally turned broadside, and he made the perfect shot, and it ran a little way and dropped. Kolby said, “We celebrated and made fist-pumps, high fives, fist-pumps again, and high fives! Yes, we got him; it’s teamwork!” His grandparents were thrilled when they received the text with the picture of his buck. They were waiting in excitement when they arrived back at camp.

Gianluca and his mother and mentor Nolan Eck saw a nice 10-pointer but unfortunately couldn’t get dialed in. So, the following afternoon, Jack joined them, and they rode in the ranger out to an ice fishing shack sitting up on a hill in the middle of a field. Jack said, “It was getting dark, and we could see 3-4 deer off in the distance, and then finally a buck came out into the shooting range. He was out there about 150 yards grazing on the alfalfa and barely moving at all.” Gianluca had a long shot to take and not much daylight left. He told his mentors he had the gun steady and was right on the buck, then he gently pulled the trigger, and the deer turned and ran only 25 yards and dropped.

Jack said, ” Gianluca made a perfect shot! When he saw his 8-point buck, he gave me the tightest squeeze you would get from a relative you hadn’t seen in years.” They brought his buck back to camp to show everyone, including the landowners, who were ecstatic for the young man too.

Jack took 10-year-old Robert target practicing the next day and then headed out to the deer stand. “We saw a few deer on our way, but they walked into the woods. We only saw one from the deer stand, but it moved quickly across the field, leaving no shot opportunities, so we headed back to camp.” Robert and his mother were captivated by the wildlife they saw and their first time experiencing the great outdoors. They decided to try a different location as the day progressed, and lady luck was on their side. Shortly afterward, a deer came out of the hardwoods and cautiously stood there testing the wind. Then Robert took the shot, and the deer dropped in its tracks. When he got up close to the deer, he was proud of his accomplishment.”
Thanks to Jack Juberian and Nolan Eck, landowners and USSA donors, and sponsors who help make this hunt possible. Congratulations to Kolby, Gianluca, and Robert on getting their deer and the fantastic memories they share with their mentors and family. God bless!

If you are interested in getting involved or know of a deserving child or veteran, don’t hesitate to contact USSA.